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Colloidal Silver Specially Formulated for Fish, their Aquariums and Ponds.


Colloidal Silver Formulated for Fish and Amphibians.

True Ultrafine Colloidal Silver specially formulated as AquaLife tm. to protect and defend all types of fish and amphibians against illness and disease. Used successfuly in saving large and valuable stocks of Koi from disease previously impervious to antibiotics.

  • Having successfuly made the smallest and thus most effective colloidal silver, gold, copper and zinc for the treatng of human illness and disease, as well as for the effective enhancement of skin beauty and boosting IQ and brain synapse response. We turned our attention to our pets and plants.

    In 1999 our office in Califronia was approached to see if our colloidals could cure an importer's four 1200 gallon tanks containing hundreds of 12-14 inch Koi that had become infected with a disease that was not reacting to the usual pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics. The fish were getting weaker by the day and their scales were deeply infected showing a type of soft fungus.

    The Alchemists Workshop R&D laboratory came up with a new colloidal formula for treating all fish and cold blooded amphibians whilest also cleaning the ambient water and eradicating germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens.

    Because of the very nature of fish actually taking the water in through their gills, the colloidal formulation had to be extremely well thought through. The resultant formula worked 100% and was branded AqualLife tm. It is now available worldwide through this website and Alchemists Workshop.
  • The AquaLife Colloidal Formula works exactly the same on all life forms whether warm blooded mammals, cold blooded fish, amphibians, or plant life. The colloidals kill off all single celled invaders by depriving them of oxygen. This is a totally different way of eradicating germs, viruses and bacteria to the usual method of poisoning them with chemicals or using antibiotics to attack and destroy them, but which also leaves survivors to mutate and come back at the host. This therapy is the only one that actually boosts the hosts own immune system and natural responses to an outside infection without causing any side effects.

    Below is an extract from the first sucessful application of AqualLife as discussed more fully above.
    AquaLife Colloidal Formula for Fish and Amphibians

    It sure did work! and it worked real fast! supersonic!
    Well I gave the customized colloidal silver to my prized Koi fish by pouring your suggested dosage into the four 1200 gallon tanks..... and Gee! I only had to do it for three days! On the morning of the fourth day all the ill fish were cured of fungus that were immune to the regular antibiotics. I'm giving the residue to my employees when ever they get sick, and everyone thinks its so great it must be magic. You guys saved me huge losses to my Koi.
    ~~~~~~~~~~ (AquaLife tm.) killed off all the germs and viral bacteria in my fish pond and turned lisless goldfish into sharks!...yeh well...
    Great product send me another bottle same as before.

    Resussicated my little son's Iguana and then saved his collection of frogs and lizards that had become affected by some bug or other. I've reccomended the AquaLife to my friends with children that have amphibians, because we all know what its like if they die... the trauma for the kids and all of us parents. Thanks.
    Santa Monica. CA.